These innovative products to prepare you for a Mass Casualty event.  

Free-standing forward triage/mass casualty rail application The system takes less than 2 minutes to fully assemble. It allows users to bring all aspects of patient care to totally non-traditional patient care environments. This application is completely self contained with oxygen (2 E-Cylinders), portable suction, monitoring, infection control and resuscitation capabilities. It can serve up to 6-8 patients comfortably.

Ideal also in MCI tents, this freestanding application of rail is an ideal way to meet the NFPA99, Joint Commission and Center For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS) need for healthcare providers to have demonstrable capability to accommodate Mass Casualty and surge populations, regardless of the nature of the causal event.

• Our Mobile triage carts have become very useful for the emergency rooms all across the country. 
• They have been successfully used in the care of hallway patients, psych rooms in the ER, and Fast track care areas.
• These carts can be made custom to fit the needs of your ER and deploy anywhere from waiting room to parking lot. 
• Our Surge Gas Delivery System can deliver gas to 8 victims anywhere from waiting room to parking lot.
• The Surge Gas Delivery System packs up in a carrying bag for easy storage and easy deployment.
• Our Evolution Rail system can organize your ER department, improve infection control and reduce Par Inventory.
• With the Rail system you have what you need where you need it with no excess and no waste.